Life happens anyway…


As I logged in to write this blog, I noticed I did not write one in August.  It makes sense – all my energies in the last 40 days have been in 3 spaces: the incredible Osho Monsoon Festival, the new Yogashala at Atelier that I manage and my first online offering, the Transformation SparkOff!

And as it happened, the timeline also was in a flow: the giving energy to get the Yogashala up from the middle of July was supported by the huge influx of joy, love, caring – all incoming energy – that I received at the Backend EditorFestival.  And then it was time again to share it outward with the SparkOff.  Can you even imagine the wave as you read those words?  That was the feeling all month long – up and down, in and out, soft and strong!

What I wanted to share is my observation that while we are planning, thinking, analysing, procrastinating, mind effing – life is HAPPENING, isn’t it?  This is so obvious and it has been a deep experience in my body, mind & spirit this month.  So, whether it is the Yogashala or the SparkOff, what really went down was not clean and as per plan – it was messy and complex and explosive and ridiculously beautiful.  And it all happened as it needed to…

When you really get that…and I did – what is the takeaway?  Well, here go 3 that might help you – they have totally changed how I respond to my day, my life!

  1. set your direction (vision anchored by goals) and just keep going – so when that disheartening call comes, when something does not happen as planned, when someone does what you don’t expect, take a moment, or 2 (a night’s rest even) and then keep going (because….yes you got it! life is still happening)
  2. master distraction – ok so that proposal is just not moving, look away!  notice that your friend is very eager to work with you on that other mini project right away.  so shift and trust – the proposal will call when it is ready!
  3. know when it is time to walk away – you have just put an entire event calendar into motion. Walk away – give everyone time to notice and catch up.  this is not the time to push.  So lace up those trainers and take a long walk.

I wish that each one of you feels this feeling of lifehappens-ness.  PS Why isn’t that a word already?

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