Massive Goal Achievement 101


As promised earlier this month, here is the primer on Massive Goal Achievement.  For those who missed seeing my video where I talk about Massive Goal Achievement, share some definitions and explain why it should matter to you, have a quick look!

So, by the time you are reading this line, you have already decided that you want to be part of Goal-a-thon 2020 with Learning Essence.  Let’s get started!

  • Identify just ONE massive goal. 

Pick one goal in an area where you feel you struggle the most. Pick one, so that you can focus on it, and give it your best. For me, I plan to complete a 10k run in 90 days.  

  • Ensure that this goal is specific and measurable. 

I have already signed up for a 10k marathon on the 2nd of May, 2020. I will start training from 1st February 2020. 

Set a deadline by when you will have achieved the goal. Identify the start date of the 90-day period that you are setting yourself to achieve this goal. 

  • Break down the goal into separate actions or tasks.  

How can you split your goal into smaller bits? It’s easier to achieve many smaller goals than to try and achieve one mammoth goal. 

I have worked on a nutrition plan and a daily running plan to enable my achieving 10k. I have also found a friend who will keep me accountable. I know where and what time I will practice daily. 

  • Ensure that each of the tasks are also specific, measurable and time-bound.  

Continuing with my goal, being a vegetarian, the aim is to find a vegetarian eating plan for 90 days for runners by 27th January latest, so I have time to buy ingredients and be ready for the 1st of February.

  • Track progress using a tracker on a daily basis for each separate task.  

You can use a dairy or a phone app to help you track each day that you have been committed to your mini-goals.

  • Review progress

It’s helpful to review your progress weekly and adjust next week’s plan in case you are falling behind or you have over accomplished within a week.

  • Be accountable

Identify a friend who can serve as an accountability partner and support ONLY for this massive goal.  Choose someone who is firm and yet positive towards your commitment

  • Ensure you make time for rest and relaxation 

For those who like to “go at it alone”, I wish you luck.  Follow my InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn feed for more information as the Goal-a-thon gets underway in February 2020.  For those who would like more support can email me on to find out about the other 2 options I am offering for this program.

PS.  Sneak peek…I will be sharing trackers, formats, resources for those who sign up for the Goal-a-thon WhatsApp Group.  For those who opt for sessions, you get complimentary access to the WhatsApp Group.  In addition, you will be coached to right size your massive goal, identify the self-limiting beliefs and habits that support or hinder you and keep you accountable to your commitment.

So excited…do share your comments and feedback here.  And come on, let’s Goalathon 2020!

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