Staying the Course


So it seems like the entire world and maybe even sapient life on other planets must know about Massive Goal Achievement! At least that is how it feels to me! And surely that is how much effort we at Learning Essence have been putting in creating and sharing content digitally on this topic, since the beginning of the year.  

The idea is simple: Begin the new year (and decade) by identifying ONE GOAL that is aligned with your values and right-sized for your life design. Then, achieve that goal within 90 days (in a sprint).  As opposed to setting multiple goals for the entire year, this method creates a transformation where it matters. It shifts you, the goal achiever! To know more, read our previous blog, Why do some goals elude us?

Since we began the 90-day sprint in the middle of February, we are now right in the thick of things. The next weeks will test your commitment and give you an opportunity to truly experience the shift. 

It is not just a possibility, it is almost a surety that you will have a miss, a misstep, a fall or even a complete derailment in moving towards your goal. The difference lies in the choices you make at that time.

You have two possibilities: letting the miss or the fail moment stop you in your tracks OR taking stock, staying the course and recommitting to your goal and yourself. And this then is the theme of this month: Staying the course.  

What will you do when you miss a step in your commitment to yourself? To stay the course, you have 3 options:

  • Evaluate what you have missed and double up to catch up and move forward
  • Accept that it was a miss, forgive yourself and start the count again
  • Reframe or reformulate your goal to better align with your life design

That’s it!  Staying the course is about backing yourself, trusting that on your timeline what matters is not when you finish, what matter is that you always finish!

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