The “Living Your Best Life” Playbook 2020


Learn how to align, plan, and reflect for success & joy!

It is the already the last week of December and the new year (and a new decade) is not far away.  Every year, most of us resolve to be more organised, plan more and manage our “time” better.  We stock up on diaries, planners, smart phones and applications to help us achieve our goals.  We read articles, listen to podcasts and watch videos motivating us to make this year the best ever, add meaning to our life and make us happy.

I want to extend my hand to ACTUALLY get you over the line! As most of you who have coached with me know, my work is practical and fully focussed on getting YOU results.  There is a meta or umbrella method in making this and every year the best of your life.  I identify it as full-cycle planning.

What is full-cycle planning?  It is a 3 step process:  

  1. Discovering what is your unique inner blueprint (value, vision, area of genius, life purpose)
  2. Setting up an annual plan to make your vision a reality in alignment with your values and leveraging your area of genius
  3. Creating an ongoing system of refining the plan via reflection and learning to experience success & joy

Most of us jump straight to step 2 and then never complete step 3.  And year after year, we wonder what we missed and why we didn’t feel a sense of completion or right-ness.

For those of you who are in action every day with energy and motivation and still don’t feel assured that all that action actually moves you towards your best life, step 1 is the one you are missing.  Have you ensured that all your actions – small and big – are aligned with your values & vision? Have you discovered and expressed your values & vision? This is the basis of my Design Your Life workshop and message here to find out when I am offering the next instalment.  For those of you who prefer to figure it out by themselves, go to my website and download the workbook for yourself.

For those who have a clear idea of their vision and aligned goals and struggle to actually implement them every day through the year, here is my blog post that walks you through the steps of setting up a planner effectively.

For those who begin planning with great gusto and lose steam in the middle of February, you might be missing step 3.  Here are some ways of implementing step 3:

  • Setting aside time at the end of each day, week, month and quarter to reflect and adjust your plan
  • Measuring your success on an ongoing basis and adjust for gaps
  • Realigning with your values & vision on a periodic basis
  • Migrating or letting go of unfinished tasks and projects continually 
  • Having a gratitude practice

Research shows that having a support system like an accountability partner or a coach significantly helps you get to your desired outcomes. Contact me to begin your journey of Transformation Coaching via a Discovery Call that is my holiday gift to you!

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