The measure of a life


I am just heading home after 3 weeks in North America.  I love coming to this part of the world in fall…when the weather begins to get cooler, unpredictable, the foliage is stunning and the tourists have thinned once you leave the city!  And the US always feels like home so there is no special reason needed for me to come visit.  This time there is a very special reason I came…I make this trip for my dad, a tribute that I was determined to complete before the first anniversary of his passing.  He loved this country and its people, its beauty and diversity…most of all, the generosity and abundance that pervades everywhere!

And so I came…to celebrate his life and it has been a time to take measure of his life, then inevitably my life and life in general.  Coming here also means meeting my closest friends and deep friendships serve as a mirror…they reflect back to you the direction and the nature of your life.  Are you happy?  Are you living the best life?  Are you conscious? Do you live in choice? And finally, do you know and live in love?  And then it has helped to be in nature, in stillness, in solitude and in just pure silence that only the real remains!  Truly, taking measure does get supported by connection…to humans in intimacy and to nature in proximity!  I had both and in spades so it was easy to have a look and here is what I saw:

  • the only wealth one can accumulate in life is the richness of experience – good, bad or ugly does not matter. It seems to be more valuable to be in experience than in spectatorship with no exception.  so dating the wrong guy? better than waiting for the “right” one!  jumping into a low paying job? better than staying in holding pattern, watching tv….and the list goes on
  • life, like those 3D images, pops into focus when it is lived in the context of intimate human connections. So supporting and being supported, loving and being loved, witnessing and being witnessed by another impacts the quality of my life experience which is a solitary activity!
  • in life, what does it matter?  and omg that is so meaningful? are actually always, simultaneously and equally, true phrases to say and feel – and the one you choose will completely impact and shape your experience in that moment.

As I start to travel back, I feel replete.  There is this moment in time and space when everything is just so…the planets are aligned, the winds whisper delicious secrets and the sun shines in benevolence and bliss!

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