The Ultimate Transformation Technique


For those who know me and my work, it is common knowledge that it revolves around and is immersed in transformation.  You cannot experience my events, my sessions, my blog posts, my brand messaging without hearing about different ways in which one can support transformation.  In my understanding, the only transformation is the one which finally shifts you to living a life powered by what is inside you – your values, your vision, your connection to the whole!

And this month, I want to share the ultimate process for transformation.  This is the one tool, the one technique, the one understanding that totally shifted my life.  And I would be remiss in not sharing its power with you.  This is the 21 day Mystic Rose Process designed by the mystic of our times, Osho!  Osho is also my spiritual guide and the lifelong inspiration for my life and my work.

You can follow this link to know more about the process: Osho Mystic Rose.  For me, I can only share the living experience in poetry.  Someone once said that what you cannot say in words, you must sing aloud!  So here it is…my song <3

I wrote the following words in the week after….some of them might only make sense to another participant, most of them I know will touch your heart

The Mystic Rose

My master says:  Laugh, Cry and Witness
The dew drop will begin to disappear into the ocean
How simple.
Simply you say?

21 days and 504 hours later, I share what is now my truth, my experience

I can share that before everything come trust
I can share that true laughter is only from within
That laughter can come for no reason at all
That there is a unique bliss in laughing at myself by myself
And there is surrender, let go and immense lightness in sharing it too
That underneath laughter is fear
And that after the laughter come the floods
That tears can cause heat, blinding scorching heat
That embracing the pain releases it
That the tears cover rage – elemental, multi-lifetimes of rage
That I can actually dismember a pillow
That I can cry for the fact that crying week is over
That silence is not a serious business
That the watcher-on-the-hill swirls in bliss
That silence deepens when shared
That 20 odd strangers can become friends and beloveds in 21 days
And finally the insight:

That I can be right but I’d rather be light
That I can be willing but I’d rather be surrendered
That I can be anything, so I’d rather be LOVE

PS Know more about how you can experience Osho’s meditations with others or by yourself:  click here

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