Why should I go on a retreat?


There are many people who sit up with interest just at the sound of the word retreat. And then there are others who always wonder what the fuss is all about…having participated in countless retreats and having hosted my fair share too, I want to take a shot at answering that question: Why a retreat?

Let us begin at the beginning: the word retreat means “a place of seclusion to relax and rest”. However the origin of the word comes from the Latin word retrahere or pull back. And in its truest sense, a retreat is a time to “pull back” – pull back from your daily life, your routines, your relationships and your commitments. It is a time to just have a reflect on your life – gain perspective!

To help you to reflect, a retreat is designed in a specific way. Its location is quiet, beautiful and in nature. Someone else prepares and serves you delicious meals and makes sure you have clean sheets & towels. And finally, the retreat includes a structure – to support reflection and insight. This structure might be a combination of a yoga class, a nature walk, a hike, a meditation session, cooking lessons or vision boarding & colouring.

When your body is rested, your mind is free of daily preoccupations, there is an opening for your soul to speak. In the physical & mental silence of a retreat, you finally hear the voice of your heart, the language of your inner self. You are clearly able to see what is essential in your life journey and what you are ready to let go. So the retreat becomes a vehicle to gain clarity. In corporate terms, it is like a quarterly review of the business. You are able to see where you are now, where you want to go & what you need to do to get there!

It is my experience that like businesses, we too need a quarterly review of our lives. And pressing the pause button, take a weekend off in retreat allows us to bounce back refreshed & with a greater sense of purpose! So what are you waiting for…find yourself a retreat today!

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