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About Kashmira Mody & Learning Essence

I have been offering coaching and organization strategy services and creating tools for self-discovery and growth since 2006. Everything I share with others comes from my life experience – my successes, my struggles, my insights, my joys and sorrows! I hope that I can support your journey towards success and significance and help you make it easier and more relaxed for sure.

In 2019, I merged all the work and play that I deliver under the aegis of a single brand. After much soul searching, I chose Learning Essence to be that brand and retired Essence Consultancy and my beloved Essie (that cute green elephant that has served my business and brand well!). This will make the way I am able to reach you, my dear client, more effective and streamlined. For me, it has been 17 years of soul-gratifying work and receiving overwhelming love and support from clients and friends alike. I am looking forward to the next 20 now…come be part of the adventure today!

Transformation Coaching

  • I began my journey as a Leadership Coach in 2006 when I founded Essence Consultancy with a clear vision of bringing world-class Leadership disciplines to Indian leaders via gentle, one-on-one conversations that would transform them and their organizations. Over a decade and 500 plus clients later, the playing field has changed over and over again and each year I feel I am just getting started.

    Today, the world is my oyster. Via technology and social media, I have attracted and served clients all over the world. My India-based vision has had to expand and evolve. Now, I call my work Transformation Coaching – a process of self-discovery and growth to clarify and align who you are with what you do.

    I know now that the non-judgemental, safe and powerful models of coaching are still the optimal way for individuals and businesses to experience and implement transformation in all aspects of their lives.

  • Background

    I began my career in the telecommunications industry and spent 13 years with giants like AT&T, Lucent and finally Airtel. During this time, I travelled the world and carried out various assignments from site engineer to technical director. I have lived and worked in various cities in India, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, North America, and Central & South America.

    My qualifications apart from my ICF Coaching Certification include:

    • Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)

    • Certified Counselor, Integrative Nutrition

    • Certified Counselor, Kinesiology & Bio Feedback

    • Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

    Coaching Style

    Coaching Style

    My clients are highly motivated, result-oriented successful individuals. In addition, they are committed to growth, to becoming a better version of themselves. And that is why they have chosen to find a coach – to grow! My coaching style – whether you experience it in a one-on-one session or in a group event – can be summed up in three simple steps. One, you, dear clients, learn to assess and discover your strengths and areas of improvements. Two, you align your unique design (values, vision, zones of genius) with your goals and aspirations.

    Three, you begin to move in the direction of your goals, your best life, powered by intention and alignment. My work is not to provide answers – it is about ensuring that my clients learn to listen to their own inner coach – that is the transformation! My clients learn life-long habits and skills to continuously grow on their own – both personally and professionally.


    My work is based on the Principle of Transformation. One explores and learns how to design a life that is powered by what is within each one of us – our core value, our vision, our life purpose – in a 180 degree shift from the usual reacting to external pressures, benchmarks, expectations and judgments.

    The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are!

    – Rumi