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Signature Event

Why Signature Event ?

  • These are our most popular events that have delighted participants all over the world over the last 17 years…organizers and clients keep coming back to have us facilitate them. You can connect with us to book one or more of these events with your community too!

  • Vision Board Playshop

    “See it, Manifest it”…this is the simple and powerful foundation of the Vision Boarding process. It helps you find clarity and set intention to move towards your goals. This non-verbal, non-linguistic process bypasses your self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. So, it is possible for you to realise your highest and fullest potential. Be guided step-by step to build your board…and then let’s take it up a notch! Learn how to move from vision to reality in a few easy steps.

    Vision Board Playshop

  • Vision Board Basics (90 minutes),

  • Vision Board for Your Brand (1/2 Day),

  • Vision Board by Theme (Examples: My Dream Home, Career, My Ideal Partner, etc)

  • Vision Board for Children (120 minutes, children under 10 accompanied by a parent/older sibling)

  • Design Your Life

    The Design Your Life structure is an opportunity to discover your core value & life purpose, create a vision for your life and then align value, vision & action to build a life plan that brings you fulfillment & joy. Use of non-traditional learning methods, time allocated for gentle stretching and breath work and take home tools make this process extremely easy to apply to your life!

    We offer it in four versions:

  • Original Playshop (1 Day),

  • Company Edition (1 Day),

  • Express (3 hours),

  • Teen Edition (3 hours)

  • Building a Conscious Brand

    A Conscious Brand is a business that nurtures positive values & relationships and aspires to make a difference in the lives of all their stakeholders. Aligning to the principles of conscious branding ensures more profits, fulfillment and social impact!In one day of intense reflection, clarification and expression, you are able to put together a blueprint to build and grow your conscious business and brand!

    Key takeaways include:

  • Clarify & express vision & value

  • Refresh brand look and message

  • Align products & services with vision & brand

  • Update pricing models to reflect value & vision

  • We offer it in 2 versions:

  • Building a Conscious Brand

  • Building a Conscious Organization

  • The Art of Facilitation

    Facilitation is the master skill of our time. Today, the measure of success is our ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. And those of us who are entrusted with transferring learning need to move from teaching and instructing to facilitating. Facilitation puts the responsibility and the freedom of learning on the individual – he or she is encouraged and supported to take from the learning experience what is necessary and useful for him or her

    A facilitator enables expansion for creativity & then invites focus to deliver results. Come begin your journey as a facilitator! This course requires some background in teaching or leading groups & teams.

    We offer:

  • A 3-day Certificate Course

  • The Essence of Leadership

    This is a foundation workshop to build a platform of skills that allows participants to grow as performers, managers and finally as leaders.

    By identifying, explaining and imparting 5 keys skills exhibited by leaders across gender, geography and industry, this workshop (and its companion workbook) is sets a strong base!

    We offer

  • A one-day workshop in a classroom setting

  • Transforming Stress

    Stress is a reaction (most often involuntary) to a person, situation, event or even a memory. In most cases, this reaction occurs when you feel overwhelmed, stuck, threatened or abandoned – where no choice is visible to you!

    When stress causes us to experience a drop or loss of joy, harmony & wellness, it becomes distress. In contrast, when we are able to harness stress by responding to in a way that improves or add to our life, we experience eustress.

    Learn how you can transform distress to eustress and harness stress to bring energy and motivation in your life!

    We offer:

  • A 3-hour event

  • The Business of Yoga

    For a yoga teacher or anyone delivering a healing modality to clients as a livelihood, there is a constant dilemma between attracting prosperity and ensuring that the client does not feel exploited. Also, there is a difficulty in asking for money and marketing your services and products.

    Come learn the practical skills of entrepreneurship as applied to a business that is also a vocation, a calling for most business owners.

    Topics include

  • Clarification and expression of the vision and goals

  • Creating a client pipeline

  • Pricing for prosperity

  • Content Creation

  • Brand Awareness and Marketing