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Carry your Bottle


Tools for transformation are products that support your journey of self-discovery and growth!

  • Each product you see described here has been lovingly created in response to a client need – so I know you are going to enjoy using them and benefit from them. PS it helps that the design is so aesthetic and user friendly.

    PRODUCT UPDATE: We have limited quantities of these products available in stock with our partner Carry Your Bottle for domestic shipping only. Once the inventory is gone, we will not be making these products available for retail purchase. For bulk orders (100 pieces or more for International shipping/50 pieces or more within India) contact us directly.

  • Inspiration Deck

    Toni Morrison famously said: “If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet; then you MUST write it.” As a coach & an individual committed to personal & professional transformation, I kept looking for an Inspiration Deck and was not able to find one that completely met my needs or the needs of my clients. So I decided to just make one myself – and I got a lot of help and creative input from my friend and collaborator Sushil chikane.

    Together, we have created 31-card deck to inspire you daily with a beautiful quote and a short practice to grow and deepen your own transformation. Every quote has been chosen with care and then matched with equal love and attention with an original photograph by Sushil. We hope that the beautiful images and design will make your experience a real treat! What you get with each deck: An organic cotton bag, the 31-card Deck and a manual with suggestions on how to use the Deck.

    Transformation Journal

    Each product that I create is a tool for transformation and the idea for creating it comes from a client interaction. In this case, we had just finished an intense residential retreat with a group of diverse individuals from 5 countries. One of the takeaways or “homework” for the participants was to stay accountable to the commitments they had made to themselves by keeping a journal, preferably a paper journal.

    And one of the participants bemoaned that it was difficult to find a journal that provided enough blank pages, some structure and information, looked pretty and was made with good quality paper. And oh, could the price be reasonable? Voila! The Transformation Journal was born. I designed and printed these journals to provide my clients with a tool that allowed them to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas in a private, non-judgmental way and document their own journey of transformation.

    Wellness Journal

    The Wellness Journal was first designed for a special group of women – the Girl Guides of Australia who asked me to deliver a live webcast on Leadership & Wellness to over 75 women from 5 regions in Australia. The session was amazing as we explored ways in which smart women with hectic schedules and a desire to be agents of change incorporate wellness into their lives. Wellness routines become a way to give them energy and enable them to be more effective in their various roles at work, at home and as volunteer leaders with the Girl Guides. As a gift to these women, I designed this beautiful journal. It allows the user to explore multiple ways of being well everyday, provides ideas and supports their accountability to themselves.

    Reach for the Stars Journal

    The Reach for the Stars Journal was created specifically for teenage girls to instill self-belief, provide frameworks for them to understand their unique areas of genius and then guide them towards persisting with goals to experience success & joy.